Book talented people for a meeting, like you book a ride! You can book a video call or a meeting over coffee.





Meet global talents

Get tips, exchange stories

Grow your network, on-demand

We all like to meet people who inspire us with their talent.

When we meet them one-on-one, they enrich our life by sharing their stories and their insights.

We believe that every human being, including commoners, should be empowered to meet any talent anytime they want.

This privilege shouldn’t be restricted to selected few only.

Hence we created the Snug App. Snug makes you meet talented people in your area, over a coffee, on demand.

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What kind of talent you can meet through Snug App?

Creative people - Actors, Singers, Models
Techies - AI experts, Drone Designers, IITians
CEOs, Investors, Journalists
Sports people, Athletes, National champions

Why we created Snug App?

On Social networks like LinkedIn, acceptance rate of the new connections is less than 2%.
Most people end up being a follower or a fan on such places.
Most successful people in the world are most connected also with talents. We want to bring this power to everyone.
Talents can make money by monetising their time and by sharing their insights
It is a win win for both the talents. Users have unlimited access to the talent and talent can make an income through sharing their insights in a cafe.

Key features

Real life meetings



No need to wait

Diverse Talents

Build network

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How it works?


Select the category of the talents that you want to meet. Go through each talent's video where they talk about their talent, check their fee and small bio.


Book the talent you want to meet for a video call. You can book local talent for a coffee as well. Pay their fee online and schedule your video call or a cafe meeting.


Meet the talent, get tips, exchange stories, and have a great face to face conversation.


Rate each other about the meeting. This will ensure that we only have top level talents on the platform.

Privacy & Safety

Our objective is to have high quality meetings between the talents and the users, where they can share their insights and make a better decision through the perspective users get from talent.

We verify both the users and talents through mobile number, govt approved payment ID, and social media checks.

Privacy of both talents and users is paramount to us. We don't share any personal information of the talent to the users and vice versa.

Snug empowers both the users and talents to make an informed decision about the meeting, We provide each party, the other party's selfie pictures, video, bio, and purpose of the meeting. Both the talent and the users have freedom to accept or reject any meeting request.

Please read our terms of use and privacy policy in detail.

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