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Meet people who value your time
You are talented and you have insights to share. You have followers on social media who can benefit by talking to you. Snug is an easy way to make money by meeting people who value your time by paying you a fee for the time you spend with them.
Be accessible
It’s just not about money that you want to meet people. Many people, especially commoners, are not as well connected to talented people as few privileged ones are. Commoners also need access to talented people for their personal, career and business development. Be available to people who don’t have any other way to have exclusive access to you.
It’s easy to get started
Enroll for free
It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll as talent by filling a simple form where you share your details and decide your fee for meeting people. You need to record a video of 1 minute where you talk about your talent, the benefits people can get by meeting you. This video is critical as based on this video, people decide to book you.
Build your audience
Once your enrolment is accepted, you will be live on the platform. We give a URL specific to you, which you can share with your followers and announce your availability for the meetings.
Make money, total freedom
We list your video on snug and also announce the availability of all the new talents. When you are booked for a meeting by a user, we share with you the user’s bio and their purpose of meeting with you. You can accept or reject the request. Make money every time you meet someone.
What if you don't want to make money from meeting people?
Why we insist to take money?
We value your time. We only want people booking you for a coffee who also value your time. Asking to pay for your time is to ensure that we get rid of the freeloaders.
Take money home or donate to charity
Snug will transfer the fee to your account, alternatively, if you prefer, we can transfer your earnings directly to the Govt. approved charity of your choice. We also inform users who book you, that your fee goes to charity if you choose charity option.
About Snug
Why meet?
Connect with your audience and also with people who wants to get access to you to solve the issue they are facing.
Our purpose is to democratise access to talented people to everyone. Let everyone benefit from the power of meeting and networking with people.
What does it cost?
It’s free for you to list on Snug. We charge our own commission on top of the fee that is decided by you. You will get full amount of your fee whenever you meet anyone.
Who are enrolled as talents?
Snug has talents from all walks of life. We have leading Sportspeople, Models, TV & Film actors, Playback Singers, Social media influencers, CEOs, Venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, AI Geeks, Drone designers, Senior journalists, Scholars, Life coaches, counsellors, Fitness coach and more.
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