Building Technology to Empower 900,000,000 Indians.
Udhar (उधार) is a Hindi word. It means small amount of money people in India give and take from friends, family and their close contacts.
उधार is a lifeline for almost 200M households in India. They run their home by relying on उधार from friends, family, neighbors, and close contacts.
Everything is trust-based and decisions are mostly emotional.
Unfortunately, the trust is often broken. This leads to money losses and disharmony in society at large.
In the उधार Universe, Bad actors don't get punished. Good actors don't get rewarded.
We have built उधार Protocol to solve this socio-economic problem.
Our technology brings unbreakable trust to your phone contacts book, regarding उधार matters.
The app empowers small communities to be self-reliant for small money needs.
उधार Please App handles उधार with your friends, family & close contacts.
You can check the repayment history & उधार score of your friends and family before giving them उधार.
उधार Please App users don’t take decisions based on their gut feelings, instead they make data-backed informed उधार decisions.
Strangers are not allowed

In this app, strangers are not allowed. Only trusted and known people can ask & give each other उधार, e.g. friends, family, neighbours, relatives, vendors, suppliers, customers, colleagues, and other close contacts.

We believe that a close-knit community of 200-300 people, who know each other well, can take care of most of its small money needs. This app provides the tools to make this possible.

We have built advanced technologies for our app users, which are typically only available to big institutions. These technologies empower our community to take smarter उधार decisions.

We aim to create a stronger, more connected community through उधार Please.

उधार score

Every user gets a उधार score which is computed based on their timely repayments of उधार they have taken.

You will be able to check उधार score and repayment history of your friends, family and contacts, when they ask उधार.

A higher उधार score increases the likelihood of getting उधार from friends, family, and their social contacts.

However, if they fail to repay on time, their उधार score goes down and may impact their ability to get उधार next time from their social contacts.

This creates an incentive for them to do timely payments in future.

Users can build a good उधार score by repaying उधार they have taken from their friends, family, and others on time.

How it works?

Following steps shows how a user will get उधार from their friends, family, and contacts.

  • Open the app, browse through contacts, and send a request for an उधार to friends, family, or other contacts in their address book.
  • When they send an उधार request, the app shows the their repayment history and their उधार score to the person they are requesting उधार from. This helps make an informed decision.
  • Once the other person agrees to give them the उधार amount, they will transfer it directly to their account using any payment app.
  • The user can repay the उधार amount using any payments app.
  • उधार score is updated based on their repayment history, and a good score increases their likelihood of getting उधार from their contacts.

Your Privacy

The app respects your privacy and does not share your private data with anyone.

Your repayment history and उधार score is only shared with a contact when you make a उधार request to them.

Our platform facilitates and streamlines the process of requesting small उधार amounts from friends, family, and contacts. उधार payments and repayments can be made using any payment app.

Our app confirms payments from both parties and updates the उधार score and history accordingly.

We are similar to a ledger book app like Khatabook. Our app is more dynamic and interactive.

That's it!

Download उधार Please and join our mission to create a stronger, more connected community.