About उधार Please App

उधार Please App is the Superpower you need for handling all the उधार requests from friends, family, and customers.

The app gives you their repayment history and their उधार score when they ask for उधार.

Don’t rely on gut feelings any more, you can now make smarter उधार decisions.

Setup Your उधार Policy
This will avoid awkward discussions, save time and also earn you interest money.

You can disburse or repay उधार money directly with each other, without a middleman.

Your उधार Score
Maintain a good उधार score to get उधार at lower interest rates from friends/family/customers

Your Privacy
The app respects your privacy and does not share your private data with anyone.

You only interact with people you know well. Your repayment history and उधार score is only shared with a contact when you make a उधार request to them.

Why उधार Please App?
उधार Please is a social-lending app designed for Indian people.

उधार Please app allows you to borrow उधार exclusively from people you know - friends, family, and other contacts in your address book.

What sets us apart is our unique system of rewards and consequences. When you borrow and repay on time, your social circle of lenders will know that you are a responsible borrower. However, if you fail to repay, your network will also be aware, creating an incentive for timely payments.

We believe that a close-knit community of 200-300 people can take care of most of its lending needs, and our app provides the tools to make this possible.

By leveraging sophisticated technology typically available only to banks, we empower our community with credit histories and lending capabilities.

We aim to create a stronger, more connected community through responsible lending with उधार Please.